Integrative therapeutic massage :: A series of advanced massage therapy techniques to increase muscle function and flexibility, increase movement, relieve specific or general pain, free up joint restriction and increase circulation.

Advanced myofascial techniques :: Myofascial tissue is a 3d matrix that surrounds infuses and protects every other tissue throughout the body. Muscles, tendons, bone, ligament, nerves and organs of the body are held by this web like structure. Essentially we are wrapped in many layers of cellophane. It provides a protection, and support but also is dynamic in nature and can contract and relax creating a effect similar to a rubber band with tension. This effect has a major role in the structural integrity, strength, mobility and stability of our joints...essentially our movement.

Through stress, repetitive motion, injury, inactivity, adhesions begin to occur creating an imbalance of fulcrums throughout the body initiating bad posture, restricting movement and ultimately making ourselves susceptible to injury be it a muscle pull, restricted nerve or torn ligament.

Myofascial massage therapy warms this tissue into a healthy playability, reduces adhesions and scar matrix to free tissues, organs, nerves, and  increases mobility and movement very effectively for lasting results to compliment any soft tissue massage and release.

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